Pave Commute as a Bonusly Alternative

Why sustainability pioneers better choose Pave Commute instead of Bonusly

Not sure which employee recognition platform to choose? This head-to-head comparison can help you decide.

Pave Commute and Bonusly are feature-rich platforms employers use to recognize and reward team members’ achievements. Both of these popular software tools have won major awards, earning acclaim for their powerful ability to increase employee engagement and build stronger, more positive workplace cultures.

At the same time, many employers elect to explore Bonusly alternatives for various reasons. Some organizations want a more targeted piece of HR tech with a stronger focus on sustainability recognition programs. Others want an employee recognition platform with more flexible and inclusive features for awarding kudos to users.

This guide offers a head-to-head comparison of Pave Commute as a Bonusly alternative, detailing the multiple ways in which Pave Commute might make a better choice for employers specifically seeking to make sustainability a key focus of their employee engagement efforts.

Bonusly Insights

What is Bonusly?

Bonusly is a popular employee recognition platform that uses peer-to-peer recognition to help employers build stronger, more cohesive workplace cultures. Automatic milestone tracking and instant rewards form the backbone of Bonusly’s functionality, making it both fun and easy to use.

What do users like about Bonusly?

Employers like Bonusly’s quick, simple setup and smooth integration with popular collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams. These features enhance the visibility of Bonusly’s recognition programs, boosting both their impact as well as their reach.

What do users dislike about Bonusly?

Users get a points-based monthly reward balance with a limited allowance. Once that balance is depleted, users can only recognize peer achievements by redeeming their own rewards.

Bonusly also exclusively uses a peer-to-peer recognition system. This setup makes it too easy to overlook team members’ less visible but critically important everyday actions.

Pave Commute Insights

What is Pave Commute?

Pave Commute is a sustainability recognition app built specifically for commuters. It connects users with a complete lineup of locally available alternatives to solo driving, providing social recognition and appealing rewards to commuters who use smarter transportation modes to travel to and from the workplace. 

Like Bonusly, Pave Commute’s purpose is to help employers build more positive and collaborative workplace communities based on shared sustainability-focused values. As a Bonusly alternative, Pave Commute focuses exclusively on improving workplace culture by providing commuters with smarter transportation options.

Compare Pave Commute and Bonusly

The clearest way to understand how Pave Commute works as a Bonusly alternative is through a compare the programs side-by-side. To save you time, we created a detailed comparison between Bonusly and Pave Commute on key dimensions like peer recognition features, recognition limits, customization options, mission impact, and employee wellness. 

Should you choose Pave Commute as a Bonusly alternative?

Both platforms offer powerful and appealing culture-building tools, but Pave Commute might make a better choice if you want to:

  • Prioritize environmental sustainability as part of your culture-building program
  • Build employee health and wellness support into your engagement strategy
  • Customize your rewards
  • Offer unlimited recognition and access more ways of distributing recognition 


User data shows that Pave Commute is a highly appealing Bonusly alternative: 


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