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Pave Commute is the recognition and rewards choice for sustainability leaders

Searching for a workplace recognition program for boosting engagement and appreciation among employees? While solutions like Bonusly enable peer-to-peer rewards, Pave Commute is the only program that combines kudos from colleagues with automatic recognition while tracking the impact of sustainable commute choices

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Insights into Bonusly

What is Bonusly?

Bonusly is a popular employee rewards program that uses peer-to-peer recognition to improve workplace culture. Bonusly is aimed at organizations trying to foster employee engagement and encourage a supportive work environment.

What people like about Bonusly

Bonusly is easy to set up and use. Integrations with commonly used collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams help to amplify recognition and make the program more visible to employees.

What people dislike about Bonusly

Giving recognition is only possible until the monthly allowance depletes. After that, users can only recognize colleagues by redeeming their own rewards. Peer-to-peer bonuses alone also fail to recognize valuable but less visible actions your team is taking every day.

Main differences between Pave Commute and Bonusly

Pave Commute
Peer to peer Recognition
Users do not automatically receive recognition and rely on colleagues seeing good work behaviors and offering recognition.
Users receive recognition from their team or company automatically for their sustainable commute behaviors. Colleagues can add to that recognition, making it even more fun!
Recognition limits
Recognition is tied directly to each user’s reward balance and recognition is limited by pre-set allowances (usually 10 USD or more).
Users receive recognition whenever they choose a sustainable commute, hit milestones, or contribute to company challenges. In addition, colleagues can add recognition without limit.
Customization options
Employees choose rewards from a standard catalog.
Pave Commute offers a fully turnkey reward catalog plus the ability to add custom rewards.
Mission impact
Sustainability doesn’t play any role.
Pave Commute makes it easy and fun for everyone to engage with and contribute to the company’s sustainability mission, and lets managers track impacts over time.
Employee wellness
Bonusly doesn’t advertise any direct health and wellness impacts.
Pave Commute recognizes employees when they choose an active commute like cycling, walking, or using transit, all of which come with health and wellness benefits.

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