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Pave Commute is built with the features you need to recognize your team and inspire a culture of sustainable commuting in your company.

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Here's what you get with Pave Commute

Trip recording

Make every commute count. Smart trip recording is easy to use and seamlessly identifies the mode and environmental impact of each trip.

Sustainability recognition

Foster a culture of appreciation. Recognize your colleagues as they earn Coins and kudos for sustainable commutes and other milestones, and encourage others to get involved.

Meaningful rewards

Choose from a catalog of awesome rewards or create your own tailored to your team to show that your company values building sustainable habits.

Social engagement

Maximize impact and engagement with fun social features. Group chats, automated challenges, achievement shout-outs, and more bring everyone together to inspire and recognize sustainable choices every day.

Insights and analytics

Understand your sustainable commuting movement. Learn how your team is commuting and understand the impact they are making on your sustainability bottom line.

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