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The recognition app for sustainable commuting

Build a culture of sustainability with the app that connects, rewards and inspires your entire team.

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How users benefit

It inspires engagement

Rewarding and recognizing sustainable choices helps employees feel aligned with the company’s values.

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of users say they are making a positive impact on their company's overall sustainability.​

It strengthens company culture

Working together to commute sustainably makes everyone feel more connected.

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of users say the app contributes to a more collaborative culture at their company.

It’s fun!

Teams and individuals love using Pave Commute to earn rewards (and bragging rights!)

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of users receive recognition.

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Start building a culture of sustainable commuting today

Step 1

Connect your team

Choose a plan, set up an account for your workplace, and invite your team in just a few clicks. After they download the free app, connecting is easy, and they can start tracking sustainable trips right away.

Step 2

Reward sustainable choices

Small actions can make a big impact. Pave Commute rewards your team for achievements during their daily commute and inspires others to join the movement towards a more sustainable future.

Step 3

Build a movement

Foster a more environmentally conscious culture that celebrates your team’s contributions to corporate sustainability, and inspires everyone to join in.

Understand and manage your team’s engagement and recognition

Impact reporting and analytics

The Pave Commute Dashboard makes it easy to visualize sustainable commuting trends and recognition for your team in real time.

Simple rewards setup

Track and manage rewards for your team, and see your movement grow each day as new connections are formed and more people are encouraged to choose a conscious commute.

Start recognizing your employees today

Try Pave Commute with your team free for 30 days. No credit card required.

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Awards & Accolades

HR Tech award

Excellence in Innovation and Technology​


futurezone award

Mobility of the future


Fast company world changing ideas

Artificial Intelligence


Association for Commuter Transportation​​

Excellence in Innovation and Technology​


Fast company world changing ideas​

Corporate Social Responsibility​


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