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Helping your team choose a sustainable commute has never been more fun

With Pave Commute, any size team can celebrate sustainable commuting, raise awareness about its impact, and inspire others to join in. 

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Start a movement toward more sustainable commuting today

Promote sustainable transportation choices

Pave Commute helps everyone find a better commute – whether it’s biking or walking, or sharing a carpool.

Encourage everyone to try something new by celebrating your team when they make smart choices with peer recognition, gamification, and rewards.

Highlight the impacts of commuting with hard data.

The Pave Commute app lets your team record every sustainable commute trip, just like a fitness app, so they can track the emissions they’re saving and celebrate the big impact of small changes when the whole team gets on board. 

Lead by example and inspire your team

No matter how they usually get to work, everyone can earn kudos the first time they try a sustainable commute.

Pave Commute’s impact tracking and social feed can help your team turn once-in-a-while into a cherished routine. 

Make climate action even more rewarding 

Doing your part for the planet is rewarding in itself, but when you save emissions by commuting sustainably, you earn Coins that can be redeemed for global prize raffles.

You or your company can also add your own rewards – monetary or otherwise – to show the team their efforts matter.

A sustainability recognition program that runs itself. 

Pave Commute lets you have all the fun of running a super cool sustainable commute program, with none of the work.

Once you set up and invite your team, you can start commuting and sharing your success with no marketing or administrative tasks to do.

But we think you’ll love checking out the management dashboard occasionally to see how your team is doing! 

Case Study

Case study: teaming toward a carbon neutral commute 

As part of their commitment to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2025, the team at hali is tackling Scope 3 emissions by empowering employees to reduce their individual impacts. Combining Pave Commute with a bike subsidy helped them replace thousands of car trips with sustainable commutes. 

“Colleagues are more open about how they commute to work and more aware of the impact on the environment. I recommend Pave Commute because it’s a great way to show employees how environmental stewardship can work.”

Giada Papi,
Sustainability Expert at hali

Pendelweg Optimierung mit hali

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