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Inspire every team member to be part of your company’s sustainability commitment

With Pave Commute it’s easy to recognize and encourage smart commuting and track employee sustainability impact. Empower everyone on your team to choose and record sustainable trips, earn recognition and inspire others while helping you track trends and contribute to your corporate sustainability goals. 

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Tracking the impact of sustainable commute choices has never been easier or more fun

Use behavioral science to empower your team to take climate action every day

Sustainability matters to your organization. It matters to employees too. Pave Commute makes sustainable choices – like carpooling or biking to work – easier and more fun.

Use recognition and rewards to show the company truly values their commitments. Watch them track positive impact and inspire others as your movement grows.  

Be a leader in corporate responsibility

Celebrate even the smallest daily choices and make them count toward your sustainability targets.

Adding a recognition and rewards program for sustainable commuting to your portfolio of initiatives shows the workforce, customers, and investors you’re leaving no stone unturned. 

Track trends toward achieving your company’s sustainability targets

The Pave Commute management dashboard gives you real insight into how people are commuting sustainably and inspiring each other. Identify opportunities to respond to trends with green nudges like convenient facilities for new bike commuters.

You can also export impact data for sustainability reporting, compliance with regional and international standards for scope 3 emissions. 

A hands-off commuter recognition program builds community around shared values

Pave Commute recognizes sustainable trips, delivers built-in or custom rewards, and optimizes your recognition budgets.

Automating your program lets you send the spreadsheets and flipcharts to the recycle bin while employees track trips, inspire others, and build a thriving community.

Case Study

Kickstarting a culture of sustainable commuting

B&R Automation partnered with Pave Commute to foster a culture of sustainable commuting and meet scope 3 emissions reduction goals. Within six months the industrial automation manufacturer saved 8.6 tons of CO2 by environmentally-friendly commuting.

“With Pave Commute our colleagues can make a significant contribution to our Mission to Zero: Achieving carbon neutrality by 2030.”

Gerald Pichler, Unit Manager Hardware Controls

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