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Strong company culture grows from shared values

Employees who see their values reflected in the company’s priorities are more engaged and productive. With Pave Commute it’s easy to show appreciation for sustainable actions in real time, create lasting social connections between colleagues across departments, and support your employer brand.

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Boost employee engagement and workplace experience with commuter rewards and recognition

Foster a culture of conscious commuting

Today’s workforce is more concerned than ever about climate change. Employees want to make a positive impact in their daily lives without sacrificing flexibility.

Pave Commute makes sustainable choices easier, and celebrates them with rewards and recognition. Empower everyone to track positive impact, inspire peers, and build a movement of smart commuting choices.

Improve employee engagement

Strong employee engagement is proven to reduce burnout and turnover and increase productivity.

More than 90% of employees who use Pave Commute say it makes them feel actively engaged in their company’s sustainability initiatives.

Make shared values real for your team

Your company’s brand and values matter to employees, and nearly half of Gen Z and Millennial workers have or plan to change jobs or industry because of climate concerns.

Pave Commute is a great way to demonstrate the company’s commitments by recognizing their everyday positive contributions to creating a more sustainable workplace, achieving personal health or wellness goals, and inspiring others.

Strengthen connections in a changing workplace

Whether your team is on a fixed schedule or hybrid, Pave Commute brings people together virtually and in person to carpool, share bike or transit rides, or just cheer each other on – even across remote worksites.

Group chats and social challenges foster strong connections unlike any other rewards and recognition program. 63% of Pave Commute users say it contributes to better overall cooperation and coordination across the team.

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thanks for driving today. Good luck with your presentation! 🙌
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Automate commuter rewards and recognition

Pave Commute recognizes sustainable trips, delivers built-in or custom rewards, raffles and donations, and optimizes your recognition budgets. 

Most HR teams spend 1-2 hours per month managing Pave Commute, compared to days spent administering manual reward programs with spreadsheets and email. 

Make data-driven decisions that improve employee experience

Pave Commute gives you real insight into how people are commuting and inspiring one another. Instantly see which transportation modes are becoming more popular, who is earning recognition, and their impact on reducing traffic and emissions. 

Use the data to evaluate initiatives and improve commuter experience.

Case Study

Strengthening connections between employees at Welser Profile

Welser Profile partnered with Pave Commute to recognize and reward their employees for sustainable commuting and thereby foster a feeling of unity, purpose and alignment with the company’s values within the entire workforce.  

“83% of participants use the app because they want to commute to work sustainably. That makes me very proud of my colleagues!” 

Heimo Semmelweis, Commuting Services

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