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We have conducted an in-depth analysis of the usage of our sustainable commuting app, Pave Commute, by users from multiple clients. We found that the statistics, data, and achievements vary among the companies and employees who use Pave Commute. Despite the diversity in user experiences, we aim to explore interesting questions such as: 

  • What are the most common reasons employees use Pave Commute? 
  • What benefits do employers gain from it? 
  • How popular is the app? And how widely is it used among employees? 
  • What are the most popular modes of transportation for app users?
  • How does the app spark employee engagement and improve workplace culture?

Here’s our brand-new Success Insights Brief with all the insights in one place. Download the high-resolution version here

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Employees want to commute sustainably and get rewarded

Climate change has a universal impact – it affects everyone, regardless of location or background. Many young people are particularly worried about the future and are eager to play an active role in reducing carbon emissions. According to our survey, 83% of Pave Commute users say they use the app to commute sustainably. Pave Commute provides them with a reliable tool to achieve a low-carbon commute and is already creating a positive impact.

In addition to social impact, incentivization is a strong driver for commuting sustainably with Pave Commute. 67% of respondents said earning rewards was an important reason for using the app. User analysis revealed that 71% of users received recognition within the app, and 59% redeemed their earned Pave Commute coins for rewards.

statistics about why users use the pave commute app

Despite users commuting and interacting with the app differently, Pave Commute’s recognition and rewards systems are proven to drive initial adoption and continued use.

“Relaxed into work by bus and Pave Commute. On top of that I get rewarded by hali. It’s great!”
photo of michaela maurer, a user at hali
Michaela Maurer,
user at hali

A more collaborative culture and a positive impact on overall sustainability

97% of users say they’re making a positive impact on their company’s overall sustainability. 63% of users say the app has contributed to a more collaborative culture at their company. 

Almost half of survey respondents state that Pave Commute helps to welcome new hires to the company. 87% state that Pave Commute supports environmental protection in their region.

"83% of participants use the app because they want to commute to work sustainably. That makes me very proud of my colleagues!"
portrait photo of heimo semmelweis, commuting services manager at Welser Profile
Heimo Semmelweis
Commuting Services at Welser Profile

How a small group of committed employees can transform your company

Everybody know’s Margaret Mead’s famous quote:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

But have you thought that your company is no exception? 

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed EMPLOYEES can change the COMPANY; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

24.6% of Pave Commute users have successfully recruited their coworkers to join the app through their personalized invite link.

On average 2 out of 8 employees at the participating company sites join the community in the app. This is heavily dependent by the provided benefits, the communication efforts, the availability of alternative means of transport and the attitude and culture of the workforce towards sustainability and mobility.

visualisation about the fact that Pave Commute is on average adopted by 25% of the employees

Clients usually adopt Pave Commute at one company location and then extend it to other sites once they see its positive impact on commuting habits.  On average, our app is used at two company worksites, but coverage at 10 or 20 sites is not uncommon, especially at large companies.

Often, adoption starts with a single office leader who drives the initiative forward and gathers motivated individuals to launch the app. App usage can grow quickly at a worksite and generate organic employee demand to continue the sustainable commuting program. 

visualisation about the fact that Pave Commute is on average in use at 2 company sites

How employees commute influences their workday. Here’s how they commute with us.

Pave Commute users have traveled to the office using skateboards, electric monocycles, and even cross-country skis. However, users primarily commute via five modes: public transit, carpooling, biking, walking, and scooters.

cake chart about the transport modes used by pave commute users

Based on our statistics, transit, carpool, and bike trips each comprise approximately a quarter of trips taken. The remaining plurality of commuters walk, and 2% use scooters.

The share of bike trips is especially encouraging from an HR perspective because bike commuting can result in lower sickness absence rates (equivalent to one less day per year on average) compared to an inactive commute in a car. Active commutes like biking also have additional health and well-being benefits.

Pave Commute triggers climate action in your workforce with a measurable impact on carbon emissions

Commuters commonly struggle to visualize the amount of carbon dioxide emissions associated with their daily activities. This lack of information makes it harder for them to identify opportunities to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Pave Commute addresses this issue by providing users with information on how much carbon dioxide they save with each sustainable commute. The app compares the user’s chosen mode of transportation to a single-occupancy vehicle ride covering the same distance, helping users understand the impact of their personal transportation choices on climate change. 

On average, a sustainable commute using Pave Commute saves 4.4 lbs of CO2 over 10 miles of travel, adding up to an average savings of around 132 lbs of carbon dioxide annually per user. Each year, the app’s top users save up to 2,205 lbs of CO2 emissions and log up to 250 recorded commutes each.

All of this adds up to a measurable impact on a company’s Scope 3 emissions from commuting. 

stats about the climate impact of pave commute users: 60 kg Co2 saved per year

Having friends at work is what employees want

Gallup’s 2021 State of the Global Workplace survey found that 66% of employees say that friends at work are the most important factor for a happy work life

What better way to build community at work than commuting together? Pave Commute’s groups are the perfect place to bring people together to carpool, share bike or transit rides, or cheer each other on – even across remote worksites. 58% of Pave Commute users are part of at least one commuter group in the app. Other users prefer to track sustainable commutes without being part of a group. 

Groups help provide new hires with an inclusive entry into the company, which can build a strong foundation for long-term engagement and retention. 48% of Pave Commute users state they help their company welcome new hires into the workforce. The app’s social features facilitate collaboration and exchange among employees. For these users, Pave Commute has strengthened their ability to build positive relationships within the workplace.

statistics about how users help their company by using the pave commute app

An employee recognition program that works with little-to-no hands-on administration

The dashboard lets managers understand the sustainable commuting movement in their company. A wide range of stats and KPIs can be tracked in the dashboard, e.g. Coins earned or kg CO2 saved. The administration of the Pave Commute requires no extra skills and little effort. On average 1-2 hours per month are spent approving join requests, managing benefits or adding new company sites, etc.
visualisation of the pave commute dashboard, its features and that most teams spend 1-2 hours per month managing it
“Neither rain nor snow can keep me and my trusty bike from our daily commute. And with Pave Commute there’s even a little reward for that.”
photo of Thomas Schöppl, a user at B&R Industrial Automation
Thomas Schöppl
User at B&R Industrial Automation

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