Interview – A culture of sustainable commuting at Ordensklinikum Linz

Andreas Füreder is responsible for Internal Organizational Development at Ordensklinikum Linz, the largest hospital in the center of the Upper Austrian capital. It was fun talking with him about how Pave Commute is being adopted by the hospital’s employees and how it benefits from increased credibility as an attractive and sustainable employer. We thank Andreas warm-heartedly for taking the time! 

Tell us about Pave Commute at the Ordensklinikum Linz!

We currently have over 400 users and growth is continuing. We are constantly adding new users, probably also because there are always prizes being raffled off.  Usage is very good. Around 400 trips to work are being recorded every week.  In total, we have saved over 43 tons of CO2 since October of last year. That’s something to be proud of.

How high is the app usage? Which sustainable modes of transportation are popular?

The majority of users are public transport riders. They are very well represented. It’s relatively easy for them because they basically just let the app run in the background and collect Coins automatically when they use public transport anyway, or perhaps have been inspired by the app to switch to public transport. 

The next largest user group is cyclists.
This obviously varies greatly throughout the year. In the summer it is used a lot by cyclists.

In winter, only the tough ones still use the app with their bikes, or they switch to public transport. 

Overall the biggest group is definitely the public transport riders.

What purpose does Pave Commute serve for the Ordensklinikum Linz?

Pave Commute is a way to signal to employees that sustainable commuting is important to the hospital, and that it is also rewarded. The bottom line is that Pave Commute is a piece of the puzzle for our hospital in terms of being an attractive and sustainable employer. 

What do you particularly appreciate about the cooperation with Pave Commute?

What I particularly appreciate about Pave Commute is the relatively low-threshold contact with the developer. If there are any issues or questions, it’s relatively easy to reach the company. 

And they’re open to suggestions for improvement, which ties in with the next point: the app is constantly being improved. Since October, when we started, a lot has happened and it’s heading in a really good direction, which is well-received by our employees. I think that’s what sets Pave Commute apart.

Which 3 terms do you associate with Pave Commute?

Uncomplicated, innovative, and friendly. 

"Pave Commute is a piece of the puzzle for our hospital in terms of being an attractive and sustainable employer."

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