Case study: hali on the way to a CO2-neutral commute

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The challenge

hali, a modern design-oriented office furniture producer is a winner of the Climate Protection Award and proud recipient of Austria’s Ecolabel. hali is committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2025. As part of this commitment, the company, which carefully manages Scope 1 and 2 emissions in its production, is also focused on limiting Scope 3 emissions by helping employees reduce the impact of their commutes.

hali goal is to integrate sustainability into its corporate philosophy and to be constantly on the lookout for opportunities for improvement and CO₂ savings. It is not only along the value creation and supply chain that attention is to be paid to climate-friendly behavior. The company’s 240 employees are also actively involved in reducing CO₂e emissions by 60 % by 2030.

Since most employees commute to work by car, the question arises as to how they can make their commute more sustainable and thus support the company in achieving its sustainability goals.

The strategy

In mid-May 2022, hali introduced a commuter incentive powered by Pave Commute as well as a program offering fully subsidized bikes to employees who use them to commute to work.

All 240 employees can use the app to track their commutes, measure the impact of their transportation choices, and earn Coins for using sustainable modes.

Coins can be exchanged for attractive incentives like gift certificates selected to match the diverse interests of hali employees. Rewards include hotel stays, sports stores, and a popular selection of dining options.

Combining the incentives with the bike offering makes it even easier for employees to choose a zero-emissions bike commute.

A few months after the launch of the new programs, hali hosted a workshop to get feedback and answer questions from about the program. This not only engaged more employees, but also inspired existing users to use the app more frequently. Based on feedback from that workshop, the company revamped the rewards and surveys showed employees were more satisfied with the program.

"Colleagues are more open about how they commute to work and more aware of the impact on the environment. I recommend Pave Commute because it's a great way to show employees how environmental stewardship can work."
Giada Papi,
Sustainability Expert at hali

The results

In the first year, Pave Commute helped hali team members make a measurable positive impact:

Currently, 51 % of Pave Commute users at hali have are using zero-emissions modes, while the rest are choosing to carpool or take transit instead of driving alone. Check out the program’s impressive modesplit:

Why it works

hali’s commuter program is particularly impactful because it combines a new transportation offering — bikes — with the introduction of an app that gamifies and rewards smart commuting.

The commute workshop, in which Pave Commute developers also participated, are another way hali ensures programs are meeting employee needs.

The Pave Commute program uses science-based nudges and rewards in an easy-to-use app to help every employee make more sustainable choices.

The complete case study as PDF can be downloaded here for free.

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