Pave Commute at Welser Profile: Recognizing employees for climate action

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Welser Profile, a global manufacturer of steel products based in Austria with operations in Europe and North America has made Pave Commute part of its strategy to make sustainability fun and rewarding for its employees.

Building on a culture of corporate sustainability

Welser Profile takes sustainability seriously across its entire value chain. The comprehensive strategy includes strong measures to reduce direct CO2 emissions and conserve resources in its production and operations, such as the use of recyclable steel and energy-efficient production processes. But Welser Profile is also focused on reducing indirect impacts – including indirect emissions from employee transportation known as Scope 3 emissions. The company has made environmentally-friendly commuting part of the corporate culture by recognizing and rewarding employees for choices that contribute to a carbon-neutral future.

Recognizing sustainable commuting

The introduction of Pave Commute at its Ybbsitz and Gresten locations in Austria in mid-May 2023 has supercharged a trend toward sustainable commuting. Nine months later, nearly a quarter (22%) of the around 1,300 employees at those sites has signed up. Participation continues to grow organically with about 1% of employees joining each month.

Employees can use the Pave Commute app to record their sustainable trips to work. The app automatically rewards them for each GPS- verified commute using an alternative to driving alone, such as carpooling, transit, or biking. In the first nine months, Welser Profile employees using Pave Commute saved around 9 tons of CO2 from commuting. Here’s a breakdown of modes Pave Commute users chose:

Strengthening connections between employees

By recognizing and rewarding sustainable choices, Welser Profile is strengthening employee engagement and fostering a socially conscious culture. Pave Commute connects colleagues who can share rides and inspire others. New team members can use the app to connect with others who have similar commutes. At Welser Profile’s participating locations, the app has already formed over 100 groups.

In a survey of Pave Commute users at Welser Profile, 62% of respondents report that the app contributes to better cooperation and coordination within the team. A third of them also said that they use the app to connect and build relationships with colleagues.

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Making climate action a Win-Win

Recognizing sustainable behavior is aligned with the company’s core values, and Welser Profile invests in rewarding Pave Commute users with benefits like a 25% discount on public transit and the opportunity to earn additional paid time off.

By demonstrating the alignment of corporate values with what matters to employees, employers can boost recruitment, retention and engagement. While 67% of participants say they use the app to earn rewards, intrinsic motivation for climate action is also high. In addition to flexibility and comfort, many Welser Profile employees also cite the climate as an important factor when choosing a means of transportation.

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"83% of participants use the app because they want to commute to work sustainably. That makes me very proud of my colleagues!"

Contributing to regional development

As a company with deep roots in the region, Welser Profile is committed to fostering the development of sustainable mobility initiatives around its locations. Using Pave Commute to foster a culture of sustainable commuting is one more way the company is contributing to improving the regional infrastructure and strengthening its role as a responsible employer.

Team members who use the app agree: 97% say that Pave Commute makes them feel that they are playing an active role in reducing CO2 emissions within the company. And 87% also say that Pave Commute helps them contribute to environmental protection and a more climate-friendly transportation system in the region.

Why users at Welser Profile use Pave Commute


By introducing Pave Commute, Welser Profile is proving that recognition can influence mobility choices, and at the same time strengthen engagement. The program is helping team members take meaningful climate action for the company and their region while fostering team spirit across the workforce, and improving overall morale and well-being.

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