Campus 21: A model for modern mobility in business parks

Over 1,300 employees from 150 companies will have access to sustainable mobility options for their daily commute to work from May 2023.

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Because commuters matter. Because you matter.

In this research project, the many small decisions we make on our regular commute to work play a big role. That’s why everyone who participates in Campus21 will be rewarded. Enter the raffle now!

Mobility Roadshow on May 9th

In the EMP2EMP (Employer2Employee) project, a consortium of companies in the mobility sector has been working for a year together with Business Park Campus21 and the more than 150 local companies to sustainably improve commuter mobility.

As a kick-off for the next project phase, a large Mobility Roadshow with information booths and on-site test drives will take place on May 9, 2023. From that day on, our mobility app Pave Commute will be available to all 1,300+ Campus 21 employees free of charge. Pave Commute facilitates the switch to sustainable mobility and offers employees attractive rewards.

Mobility Roadshow am 9.5.2023 beim Campus 21 in Brunn/Gebirge

Applied research

EMP2EMP is a project funded by the FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency), which highlights the synergy effects of companies at the same location to improve the commuting mobility of their employees.

In a group of companies, the CO2 footprint of the daily commute to work can be reduced more efficiently, e.g. by fully exploiting the potential of carpooling through cross-company networking. But mobility by bicycle, e-scooter or public transport is also a promising alternative to the private car.

As a workplace of over 1,300 people, Campus21 can send strong signals to policymakers and lobby local transport operators to adapt public transport schedules in a user-centric way. In this research project, all means of transportation are evaluated and their targeted use is tested in practice.

Project partners

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Does your everyday life take you to Campus21 on a regular basis? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Pave Commute will be available to all local organizations as part of the research project for 6 months starting in May 2023. Don’t forget to enter the raffle!

You can find more information about the app here: How does Pave Commute work?

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As sponsors, companies have the opportunity to provide vouchers in the app and thus contribute to climate-friendly commutes.

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