Join a private pilot for employers

Give your employees early access to the world's most advanced personalized commute support with Pave Commute


Your employees are facing a lot of tough decisions these days - the commute doesn't have to be one of them.

Pave Commute is a mobile app for commuters. It leverages AI and the latest in behavioral research to help everyone make smarter choices each time they commute. 

Give every employee the benefit of personalized support.

In this private pilot, we are making Pave Commute available at significantly subsidized cost to select early adopters who can help us change the way employees think about getting to work.

The new standalone app for commuters combines automation and AI with insights from behavioral research to provide personalized support to each commuter every single day.

Here's how Pave Commute makes getting to work simple:


Each employee receives an individual commute plan and personalized support tailored to their own needs and preferences. 


A new social experience makes carpooling, biking, and other shared modes more fun, flexible, and reliable.


Positive feedback and personalized rewards keep commuters motivated with no hands-on management.


The app gives employees notice about weather or other delays in their routine and provides smart alternatives.

How to participate

Any size company can participate in this private pilot. Fill out the form below to get started! 

Here is what invited employers should expect if they decide to join...

  • Provide Pave Commute subscriptions to employees for a minimum of six months.
  • Survey employees about their experience using Pave Commute.
  • Share your experience with others to help us change the way the world commutes!

Benefits of the pilot

  • Subsidized pilot pricing, a turnkey launch, and a fully automated solution make it easy to try an innovative app with any size group.
  • Leverage the fresh start effect as employees consider how and when to commute to work this fall.
  • Partner with product designers and a special customer success team to ensure your employees' experience drives future development decisions.
  • Be part of changing the way the world commutes!

Join select employers and get early access and specialized support for assessing impact at your worplace.