Frequently asked questions


Pave Commute is available on Google Play (Android) and in the App Store (iOS).

Currently, Pave Commute is only available for companies and universities who provide the app to their employees or students. If your employer/university doesn’t offer it yet, get in contact with us via!

Registration & Login

Please make sure that

  1. You’ve submitted the correct e-mail address. Check the spelling.
  2. Our e-mail doesn’t get caught by your spam filter.

If the problem persists, please contact

Make sure that you

  1. Refresh your e-mail inbox and wait a bit. Sometimes it takes 1 or 2 minutes for the log-in code to arrive.
  2. Use the latest log-in code. When you request a log-in code several times, don’t use an old one but the most recent code you’ve received. 

If the problem persists, please contact

Please stick to the sign-in method that you chose initially. If you chose Google/Apple Sign-in, don’t create another account via e-mail sign-in. 



Ensure that you use the same e-mail address that you used to create your account.



If the problem persists, please contact

The easiest and fastest sign-up method is with your company e-mail address. This is generally recommended.


However, you can also use your private e-mail address. After e-mail verification you’ll have to select your organization and request access. As soon as your administrator accepts your join request, you’ll enter the organization and complete your profile in the app.


If you want to join a public community, you can use either your company or your private e-mail address. In both cases you can enter directly, nobody needs to approve your join request.

Onboarding, commute recommendation & groups

We use your commute preferences to find the best commute for you in terms of both mode and groups. Keep your commute preferences always up to date so we can provide you with the perfect commute recommendation. 

Please check whether your commute preferences are complete. In particular check whether your home and work address are correct.


If you are still not satisfied with your recommendation or group please contact

The timing of your commute recommendation depends on how many users are already using the app and how similar their commute route and preferences are to yours.



When Pave Commute launches at your organization it can take a few days to receive a group. Later on, the app provides a group immediately in the vast majority of cases.



In any case you can start commuting and collecting coins immediately simply by leaving your car at home and taking the bus or the bike instead! 

To create a group, follow these steps: 

  1. Tap on the chat icon at the bottom of the screen
  2. Tap on Create group
  3. Edit the group such as name, commute mode and destination
  4. Add group members
  5. Tap on Create

To browse and join groups, follow these steps: 

  1. Tap on the chat icon at the bottom of the screen
  2. Tap on Join group
  3. Scroll available groups and filter them by mode, days and destination
  4. Tap on a group 
  5. Tap on Join

Commute tracking

You can use the app without GPS tracking, but if you want to collect coins, GPS is required in order to verify that a trip has been completed with a sustainable mode.


You can choose between 2 tracking modes: Comfort mode and active mode. In the comfort mode, you need to allow permanent access to the location in the device’s settings. With active mode you have to start and stop the commute manually using the start/stop button in the app (like a fitness tracker).


Make sure that 

  • you’ve deactivated energy saving mode
  • you’ve set GPS-permissions for Pave Commute to “Always”


Make sure that

  • you’ve excluded Pave Commute from the battery optimization settings
  • you’ve set GPS-permissions for Pave Commute to “Always”

If you have further questions, contact

Your GPS data are handled safely and neither your employer nor your colleagues have access to it. The same is true for your commute preferences such as home address.


With the users in your commute groups you share an approximate location of where you live on a digital map so you can plan your trips together easily. We don’t share your exact address with them.

Fitness and motion data improve the validation of your commutes, and you’ll find that it helps you get your well-deserved points more reliably.


It’s quite possible that you can earn points without sharing your fitness and movement data, but if you run into problems, we recommend granting access to them.

Collecting coins

Please wait a bit, it takes up to 30 minutes until a commute is processed and coins are transferred. 


Please check whether you have activated the active mode in time before your commute. If you use comfort mode, make sure you have enabled permanent GPS tracking. 


In case all your settings are correct and you’re still missing coins, you can report them easily: Go to Home and Activity and tap on the day with the missing commute. Add the details about the missing commute.


If the problem persists, please contact and we will make sure to credit any missing coins.

Please make sure that you didn’t create more than one account. If you did, you might be logged in to the wrong account. Log out and log into your original account again.



Stick to the sign-in method that you chose at the beginning. If you chose Google/Apple Sign-in, you shouldn’t create another account via e-mail sign-in. 



If the problem persists, please contact

Other frequently asked questions

We have tested the app with the most common smartphone models to make sure it doesn’t drain your battery. If you notice the app consuming lots of battery life, try switching from comfort mode to active mode.


Currently, the app requires to deactivate battery savings mode. You might notice faster battery drainage as a result. We are working on improvements, stay tuned for updates! 

Still open questions?

Drop us a line and we will help as fast as we can!