Biking to work

Switching from cars to bicycles as a means of commuting can not only promote health and well-being, but also offer significant environmental benefits. However, it can often be a challenge to make the move, especially for commuters who have become accustomed to driving. This is where Pave Commute’s innovative reward system comes in, to make it easier and more rewarding to switch to cycling.

By collecting coins for environmentally friendly commutes, Pave Commute users create an incentive to increase their use of bicycles. These collected coins can be exchanged for attractive rewards. This not only creates motivation, but also makes switching to a bike a fun and rewarding experience. The financial benefits are impressive. One study shows that commuters who switch to bicycles can save an average of 1 sick day per year. When considering that absenteeism costs employers $ 1,685 per employee per year, this represents a significant savings potential for companies that support the switch to cycling.

Less stress, more fitness and a good mood

However, the benefits go beyond the financial dimension. Switching to bicycles promotes physical health, reduces stress and helps improve the environment. Companies that use Pave Commute can not only increase employee satisfaction, but also minimize their environmental impact and position themselves as sustainable employers.


In summary, switching from car to bike with Pave Commute not only results in financial savings, but also increases employee:s well-being, protects the environment, and gives companies a competitive advantage. It is an investment-worthy solution for a more sustainable and healthier future.

Two wheels, many benefits

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